Socks Purrbody

Pet of the Month - December 2004
Socks Purrbody lives on the hill near the airport.

Explore The World

USA: Growth of a Nation - a cool movie tells all the most important details of American history.

Yellowstone National Park - virtual tours of Yellowstone and other National Parks.

Virtual Journey to the North Pole - a place of "ice, snow and adventure".

Explore Weather

Snow Crystals - an online guide to snow crystals, snowflakes, and other ice phenomena.

Hurricanes: How They Happen - learn about hurricanes with this flash movie.

Explore The Arts

Color Wildflowers - an online coloring book of wildflowers of the Northwest.

Global Children's Art Gallery - you can look at the work of talented young artists, order cards, or contribute some art of your own.

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Top 10 Netiquette Tips From Disney Online

Children's Express - News and commentary by young people for everyone.

Kids Books

Ask Jeeves For Kids
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If you like Dr. Seuss you might like this website.

NIEHS Kids' Pages
NIEHS= National Institute of Environmental Health Services

Games, chats, and more.

The World's Smallest Website
This tiny site has games you can play.

BONUS.COM the Supersite for Kids