Bigfoot Videostreaming
Will Feature Happy Camp

July 29, 2005 - Happy Camp and the forest surrounding our town will be featured in a world-wide well-publicized videostream produced by Tom Biscardi and the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization. After several months of observation and research in this area Biscardi and his associates decided to set up Bigfoot surveillance cameras in two sightings hot-spots near Happy Camp.

While the world watches via the internet, Happy Campers will have a unique opportunity to participate by sharing their Bigfoot encounter stories and opinions on the expedition with a film crew to be stationed locally at JavaBob's Bigfoot Deli. The Deli is also having a special high-speed internet access cable installed so patrons can watch the videostreamed broadcast locally even though they may not have a computer at home.

For more information about the videostream:
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Bigfoot footprint photos
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can be found on the
Bigfoot Research Page

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Stella Patterson, a city lady at age 80, told by her doctor she had "young legs" vowed to spend one full year on her remote mountain mining claim.

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