Community River Walk Gets New Benches

Birding Trail Benches Installed

This sign greets local hikers at
the entry to the new Community
River Walk in the south-west
corner of River Park in Happy Camp.

By Linda Martin

Tucked away in a thickly forested corner of River Park there's a new trail meant for birders, nature lovers, and those who yearn for daily exercise. It's the Community River Walk.

To find it, drive down Park Way to River Park and at the fork in the road, go right - and drive to the end of the road to park. There's a signboard covered by a roof and the start of this delightful and isolated trail. It winds through the forest near the edge of the Klamath River, west to the final destination, Elk Creek Bridge.

Along the way there's interpretive signs telling more about the area, and as of May 26, thanks to the effort of US Forest service personnel, there's beautiful new benches so nature lovers can stop and rest a while.

The Community River Walk is the product of many months of pre-planning. Funded by a Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) grant and the Partners in Flight program, the US Forest Service and Community Services District co-sponsored the work so that Happy Camp will have an intriguing nature trail for local walkers and birding enthusiasts.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

USFS Engine 25 crew prepares a rocky hilltop for bench installation alongside the Klamath River birding trail in Happy Camp. From left: Ted Jones, Carol Sharp of the US Forest Service, Ryan Layton of Fresno, Joe Holt of Hornbrook, and Larry Henderson. Jones, Sharp and Henderson are Happy Camp residents.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

Climbing up the trail with more equipment to help with the final bench installation are Kerry Smith of Engine 26, and Brandon Cortes of Engine 25, both Happy Camp residents.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

While returning to River Park we passed Daniel Bushy on the trail. Bushy has lived in Happy Camp since the 1970's and has been working for the US Forest Service for many years on this and other local projects.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

United States Forest Service Engine #25 - the engine many of the bench installation crew are assigned to. So now we know what they're doing when they're not risking their lives out fighting fires in the middle of the summer.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

Click on this picture to get a large image and read the sign! The trail includes numerous interpretive signs to explain the landscape and all that can be found there. The trail is ideal for a shady walk on a hot day, a place for travelers to stop and stretch their legs, or for families involved in home-based education.

Birding Trail Benches Installed

After a long walk, Aaron Martin demonstrates proper use of the new benches. This bench is closest to River Park. We passed several others in our trek through the forest in search of the bench installation crew.

Klamath River Bird Finder
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Klamath River Access Guide
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Klamath River Angling Guide
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Carving Traditions of Northwest California
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