Legalizing Gay Marriage

An editorial by Rev. Pete Winslow
Contributing independent journalist

I have gay friends who are in committed, long term, happy, successful,mature relationships. They do life together, acquire possessions together and share the joy of extended 'family' relationships.

I also know of countless heterosexual relationships which are a sham. There are elements of immaturity, infidelity, physical, psychological, verbal and emotional abuse, rampant codependence and other forms of dysfunction, like non-consenting daily, loveless rapes.

Even presenting these two extremes, however, can not really be justification for people of all persuasions being treated fairly by governments, employers, religious cults, or the greater community, at large.

What it really comes down to is the personal and collective JUDGEMENT of the religiously funded and politically motivated 'verbal majority'.

As a comparison, the Afro American community was granted the actual use of civil rights only after enough courageous, compassionate people of more than just the Afro American race actually put their lives on the line and sent a very clear message. "Allow equality for all." On a subconscious level, the majority had to be convinced that Afro Americans are actually both human and sentient beings. Deserving of equality.

This same hurdle must be scaled, by the 'compassionate majority', with courage and persistence for the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender communities.

In my opinion, it's not about religiously imposed rights, or wrongs. It's not about so-called normal, vs so-called abnormal behaviors.

It's about humans judging other humans, because they are different than themselves. It's about the imagined authority that any one human, or organization assumes over another, for completely subjective and arbitrary reasons.

A Time For CHANGE!

It's time we stop asking for government approval. It's time we start demanding that government, the business community and hateful and fanatical religious organizations everywhere begin to allow the inherent unalienable rights of every human being, to be treated with equal respect in the legal, business and social structures of our so-called free nation.

Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals pay the same amount of taxes as everyone else. They deserve equal representation in and by government, including the right to be recognized legally as being in committed relationships. Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender individuals make equal contributions to the economic viability of thousands of businesses, everywhere. They deserve the same employer benefits which any other human, in a committed relationship receives.

The fundamentalist Christian community is trying to shove the gay community back in the closet.

I strongly suggest the religious community keep their hate , judgement and heavily funded passion for meddling in the private lives of others within their OWN walls.

We, the Courageous, Compassionate Community, will overcome the injustices mentioned above. All we have to do is to continue showing and being Love, in ACTION!!

This may not be the most popular view. However, it is the only view, in my opinion, which truly embodies compassion, love and respect.

(c) 2005 Pete Winslow

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What God Has Joined Together? : A Christian Case for Gay Marriage
By David G. Myers, Letha Dawson Scanzoni

Gay marriage has become the most important domestic social issue facing twenty-first-century Americans -- particularly Americans of faith. Most Christians are pro-marriage and hold traditional family values, but should they endorse extending marriage rights to gays and lesbians? If Jesus enjoined us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and the homosexual is our neighbor, does that mean we should accept and bless gay marriages? These and other, related questions are tearing many faith-based communities apart.

Across the country, states have voted, courts have debated, and churches have divided over the legitimacy of same-sex marriage. Amid the uproar one perspective is decidedly missing: that of thoughtful, pro-marriage Christians who, informed by their faith, are struggling to make sense of this issue. What God Has Joined Together? is an effort to bridge the divide between marriage-supporting and gay-supporting people of faith by showing why both sides have important things to say and showing how both sides can coexist. Drawing on scientific research as well as on the Bible, the authors explain that marriage is emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually beneficial for everyone, not just heterosexuals.

They debunk myths about sexual orientation, assess claims of sexual reorientation, and explore what the Bible does and does not say about same-sex relationships. The book ends with a persuasive case for gay marriage and outlines how this can be a win-win solution for all.

About the Author:
Social psychologist David Myers is a communicator of psychological science to college students and the general public. His scientific writings, supported by National Science Foundation grants and fellowships and recognized by the Gordon Allport Prize, have appeared in two dozen periodicals, including Science, the American Scientist, the American Psychologist, and Psychological Science. He is the author of fifteen books and lives in Michigan with his wife.

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