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Klamath-Siskiyou Art Center News

July 17, 2012

Alan sent this note to all you art fans. patrons of the arts and artists,

Hey Everyone,

Looks like we are heading into an Jam Packed and Incredible string of weekly Friday dinners and Events,

Starting this Friday, July 20th at 6 pm, Jessica Lattanzio is cooking a Luscious Lasagna Dinner with Tasty Homemade Garlic Bread and a Utterly Glorious Garden Salad freshly picked for you by Florance Condos and a hearty round of refreshing cold drinks to relax into.

Then, the next week on July 27th at 6 pm, Florance and I will be serving up everyone’s favorite- Freshly Grilled Humboldt Grass Fed Burgers or Veggie Burgers with Fire Roasted Chilies, Grilled Onions and Homemade Spicy Red Chili Sauce. And of course the Art Center’s World Famous Garden Salad.

And when you thought we could do no more… A Wood Chip Clay and Roundwood Pole Building Workshop is Planned for sunday July 29th with more details to come so stay tuned and look for the flyers around town!

But wait there’s even more-

Friday, August 3rd the Art Center is proud to announce a breath taking Sweet and Savory Breakfast For Dinner put together by Nora Hannapel with Pancakes topped in blackberries and delicious toppings, Bacon and sausage fruit salad and fresh Orange juice and other fun Beverages.

Hope you all can make it to some or all , it’s a glorious cause for the creative future of the Klamath River Communities and perhaps even the world,

See ya,

Alan Crockett

Hoover Family & Friends Raise the Flag for Liberty!

July 16, 2012

Hoover famiy & Friends Raise the Flag!

by Judy E. Bushy
Hope you had a great day for Independence Day with your family and friends!
Our Fourth began quietly, just sitting there thinking, there is NOTHING happening for Independence Day!! How sad!! Then the telephone rang and it was Karen Orcutt inviting me to a flag raising! Just the thing!. At the time the “crew” was just putting up the flag pole in the front yard, however, that was expected to be complete and the flag raising, with music and poetry and a family gathering about four o’clock. I’m so grateful to Karen for calling!
Arriving early at Fort Goff, we could see a tall flagpole awaiting the gathering. We met Robert “Bob” Hoover, the patriarch of the family holding the flag raising.

Soon everyone came and gathered around in the front lawn of the Cabin. Two young men, Nickolas Hoover and Mitchell Hoover stood with the flags folded properly. They acknowledged Robert as the family founder and leader in the day’s activities. The young men proceeded to raise the Stars and Stripes as well as the California flag on the flag pole with the help of Tom and Paul Hoover. They did a great job and the assembled group of families, friends and neighbors broke into applause again!

Then granddaughter, Lily Jones who is 10 years old, sang in a beautiful clear voice, the Star Spangled Banner. Lily sings in the choir in her school and has other musical opportunities to develop her talent.

After all had pledged allegiance to the flag. Bill Roberts stepped forward with a poem especially written for the occasions. Hadn’t seen Bill in awhile and as always really enjoyed his poetry!
When all was said and done, Mrs Hoover brought out a tall class of cool fresh water which was delicious! Then the ladies brought out horsd’oeuvres and watermelon slices and we visited a bit.

Robert M.Hoover bought “the ranch” back in the sixties his family has been enjoying it since then. Now there were his children, spouses and friends and 20 grandchildren from 3 to 17 enjoying vacation at the ranch! The family has dispersed from San Jose and beyond to Bend, Oregon, but they all get together and celebrate holidays like President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving at the ranch. What a wonderful family tradition. Of course they and friends are able to enjoy the ranch all year long, but these special times of getting together must be great!

There’s even a British member of the family, and they joshed about having him stand across the highway for the ceremony, all in good fun. Actually, having been part of the family for ten years, he is Americanized enough to have a flag tattoo on his cheek. And when My Country, ‘Tis of Thee,also known as America, played, he could appreciate it as the melody is the British national anthem, God Save the Queen even though the words were different. In a discussion of the differences of salutes, I learned that the British salute was to raise the face piece, when they had the knights in shining armor!

It is good to appreciate the freedoms that we yet hold dear in America! Hope you also enjoyed a wonderful Independence Day with your family and friends.

Happy Cam[p Has Talent is coming!!

July 1, 2012

It’s been so lovely along the Klamath River for the past couple of weeks. Summer has finally arrived and the warm summer days are wonderful.

Last Wednesday the Happy Camp Community Computer Center had new computers and monitors installed! What a delight! Everything is faster and so efficient. The new towers have a slot for the memory card of cameras, so we don’t have to borrow the card reader any longer. The computers are also connected to three possible printers, an HP laser jet with black ink (for $.10 a page), an HP Laser Jet with color printing (for $.50 a page) and an Artisan for photos and can be done on photo paper, which are $1 a page.

The computer center is a nice quiet place to work and check e-mails, write things, browse the Internet or check out Google Earth! It is nice to have a staff of very knowledgeable computer experts on hand to answer questions when you get stumped on how to do things or how a certain problem could be solved. Emma Lee Johnson, Randy White and Kelly Worchester and Eric Paulare on hand to help you. They also can solve the problem you are having on your home computer for a reasonable fee. They are open to the public from 1-5:30 p.m. most days except Sunday.

Bob and Vicki Schmalzbach have moved back to Happy Camp to their home on Druery Road. Kevin Anderson also came up from Antelope. They’d left Happy Camp over five years ago, but have stayed in contact and it is great to see them back. We did run into Vicki and Kevin at Hometown Buffet on Antelope Avenue when we were down in Sacramento for doctor checkups for Dan a couple of years ago. It will be so much nicer to see them here right back home!

JavaBob was in on the start of the Fire Safe Council and was the president of the Chamber of Commerce just before they left. There was a gathering of friends for a barbecue Sunday afternoon at the Klamath River Resort Inn to enjoy catching up on news and hearing a few of Bob’s Bigfoot tales.

My husband, Dan, spent a couple of hours last night watering the garden of a neighbor who is on a vacation trip. It is a job that brings him much pleasure, as he brings home the Swiss chard and other greens, cauliflower and strawberries! That’s the fun part of the job. He was also watering. He came home and took a shower and by then, the pleasant summer shower had begun. Oh well. At least he was conscientious in his care of the garden!
Driving downriver this morning there were some sprinkles and it was cool and cloudy. Not too cool, but it was pleasant driving and enjoying the greens of the forest and the river as it changes in its journey to the Pacific. When we stopped by the Salmon River Outpost in Somes Bar, it was neat to see the note cards of Dean Davis and photos of the area. They have such a nice bunch of books by local authors and local topics. Chris, of the Salmon River Outpost, is a sponsor of the Rocking the Klamath Summer Concert at the Happy Camp River Park July 16. The Klamath River Resort Inn, Forest Lodge and River Connection are already sponsors also. Isn’t it amazing the neighborly cooperation along the Klamath River Community? We may be a distance from each other, but then, it is such a nice scenic drive!

The Spiral Kings, who are playing for the concert, are a four piece rock and blues band out of Southern Oregon. Phil Cox is on guitar and vocals, Jason Fries is on guitar and vocals, Mike Varley is on bass and vocals and Norm Goodnough is on drums and backup vocals.

Before the band there will be an opportunity for our talented Klamath neighbors to “show and share” what they can do! The Happy Camp Chamber of Commerce is going to have a community talent show and share named Happy Camp Has Talent – a show of our amazing and talented performers! The crowd will choose the winner and the Chamber will award one $100 prize. So get out your guitar or instrument, tune up the vocal cords and practice your song or other performance and plan to make your debut.

I’d hoped to report on the Happy Seniors recent Big Buck Bingo and what future things they are planning, but the deadline is moving earlier with the Monday holiday for Fourth of July! So further news will have to wait until next week. Have a good time with family and friends celebrating America’s birthday this weekend. Stay safe and happy!

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